Recuperación de parcelas abandonadas


Terra Herma is a project that has been created by the villaje council of Fuentespalda using subsidies from the “Territorial Division” of the Government of Aragon. It is a strategy against depopulation in rural areas.
The company wich will have responsibility for managing this project is Matarranya Forest.
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What is Terra Herma?

The fundamental ideas behind this project are to create a Land Bank in the form of a municipal administrative registry for the land within the boundries of Fuentespalda, that will give residents with farms/land options to sell, lease or exchange their land.

Once any land is included in the registry, it can then be viewed on-line (nationally and internationality) through the websites of Terra Herma and the Fuentespalda village council, so that any third parties can then have direct acess to information regarding land and owner that may be of interest to them.

What is the intention of Terra Herma?

The main objective is to re-cultivate abandoned agricultural land and forest to preserve the existing flora and fauna and conserve its biodiversity and develop the rural economy.


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